Competition Jackets Wardrobe by Febe van Zwambagt

Curious about which riding jacket Febe van Zwambagt wears? Discover it here! Check out her stylish choice. Get inspired by her personal photos and find your next favorite competition jacket!

Photo by Wilma Frentz

Review by Febe van Zwambagt

I am Febe van Zwambagt and have been riding with pleasure in Juulc for years. Juulc jackets are the perfect riding jackets for me; they fit as if they were made to measure but are still made from a wonderfully stretchy fabric. The fabric is great for sports and stays beautiful for a very long time. The jackets I currently ride with I have had for years. The reason I have many different jackets is not because they wear out, but because I love variety and there is always a new “color gem” for me in every collection. I can’t wait for the next collection!

Size jacket: NL36

Photo by Wilma Frentz