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Customer Review

I’m too big for kids' jackets and too small for most adult brands. Julien's jackets fit like a glove and allow for all the necessary movement and comfort while riding. I never want to wear anything else, not for myself and certainly not for my stable riders.

Babette Veenman

Unfortunately, I found many jackets to be overwhelming and very unflattering. Some had so many embellishments that they completely distracted from the overall look of the rider and horse. Eventually, I stumbled upon JuulC by chance when I met Julien at an event. The beautiful jackets from JuulC feature a simple yet elegant design, very feminine without unnecessary additions. They come in stunning, timeless base colors, and the quality is truly fantastic. The jackets are made from merino wool, which ensures that my jacket is always comfortable to wear, whether in warm or cold weather. These jackets are great at handling sweat and horse odors and do not absorb them.

Rider: size 32